Oahu plongée – Découvrir la plongée sous marine – première fois plongée Hawaii – baptême Oahu plongée sous-marine.

Turtle Canyons - Hawaii kai 40ft.

Oahu Dive Locations

Turtle Canyons reef located in the Maunaulua Bay is a first time scuba diver's dream. About 10 minutes to the west of Koko Marina Turtle Canyons is an easy commute to and from. The scenery in this part of Oahu is fantastic, with views of Oahu's mountains and a breathtaking view of Diamond Head that is not generally scene by the public. Turtle Canyons is a great dive for beginner scuba divers and an excellent reef for scuba diving training in Hawaii. Usually we see your typical reef life that makes diving in Hawaii so fun. The Hawaiian green sea turtle loves this area. There are a few locations where you can find these turtles resting.

One thing about this dive that is very interesting is the type of sand that is on the bottom. At around 35 to 40 feet this beautiful course sand that is white in color makes these interesting wave patterns on the bottom. Upon further inspection you can find razor fish and some sea urchin making their homes in the sand. Since this area of the reef is no more than 40 feet this is an excellent place to do your open water scuba course- scuba skills- clear water, great sandy bottom, what more can you ask for. Continue on from the sandy bottom we will head over to the reef. The reef snakes around from 40 feet up to 20 feet.

Again, this is a prefect place for training, first time divers and certified divers looking to get long bottom times. One thing is for sure. This reef isn't the best compared to other diving locations in Oahu. It is jagged on the edges and snakes from roughly east to west with small little canyons similar to Turtle Canyons in Waikiki. It IS the best for what I stated above- great for training. The dive can be a long one. No more than 40 feet means long bottom times and a water logged head.

In the end, anyone can dive Turtle Canyons Hawaii kai. Not too deep and definitely not to shallow in the deeper areas. Have fun and watch those gauges !

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