Oahu plongée – Découvrir la plongée sous marine – première fois plongée Hawaii – baptême Oahu plongée sous-marine.

Scuba Diving in Hawaii with Dolphins

Spinner Dolphins in Hawaii

Types of dolphins you will most likely see in Hawaii are the spinner dolphins and the bottlenose dolphins. Year round unlike whales in Hawaii , dolphins make their homes on all sides of Oahu and can be easily seen. Here is some useful information on both types of dolphins. The bottlenose and spinner dolphins both have an incredible family unit that make their home around the archipelago.

The spinner dolphins like their bottlenose cousins use echolocation to see in the dark OR see in limited visibility. Using echolocation, the spinners scan the darkness. and using their whistles, they call members of the school back together to unite in defense and for hunting. While diving in Hawaii, we can sometimes hear these sounds. They're very noticeable even to the first time scuba diver who has never before been exposed to such a sound.

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